NHP in Mizoram:Irrigation & Water Resources Department is the Implementing Agency for the state of Mizoram. Now, a new entry state like Mizoram, having negligible hydrological and meteorological information system, has a long way to go to catch up with advanced states of the country.

The proposed activities under National Hydrology Project in Mizoram are stated as follows:

  • Installation of Water Resources Monitoring System: Under this there will be three main activities:
  • Digitize and integrating existing paper data, maps and documents so that previous works are not lost but made use of in the whole system. Land use - land cover map, drainage map will be constructed using satellite imageries.
  • Water Quality Lab:The Department will set up a Water Quality cum Soil Testing Laboratory. It will mainly concentrate on the water quality for aqua life in rivers and water quality for irrigation/plants. It will also have basic soil testing machines like infiltro-meter etc.
  • Development of rainfall runoff model for entire Mizoram.
  • Sediment Study & Management of erosion in Barak Basin with sediment study of Serlui 'B' as case study will be taken up.
  • State WRIS (Water Resources Information System) will be developed; short and seasonal forecast will be initiated.
  • Decision Support System (DSS) for Water Resources Planning & Development for three (3) sub-basins, namely, Barak, Karnaphuli and Kolodyne basins, including water balance, will be formulated.
  • Flood Management Studies for Mat, Serlui, Tuichhuahen, Tuirial and Tlawng rivers will be carried out.
  • Medium resolution DEM will be made available for the entire state, and high resolution DEM will also be purchased for selected river valleys.
  • Satellite based monitoring of cropping pattern, crop condition, draught and water supply conditions in irrigation system will be initiated.
  • Capacity building and infrastructure development will be one of the most important components of this project. Training of officers, post graduate studies, both diploma and degree will be financed from this project.
  • State Data Centre will be set up in Aizawl to which all the field data will be collected, analyzed and disseminated.
  • Web-based library will be created, analyzed data will be uploaded on the net and apps for smart phone will be created so that decision maker, as well as other concerned people can take logical and well informed decision.
  • Competition will be organized for schools/colleges, Workshops/ seminars will be organized for NGOs to inculcate the importance of proper management of water to the people.
  • Meteorological monitoring: It is proposed to set up 10 (ten) Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) at strategically important locations across the state to measure rainfall, minimum-maximum temperature, humidity, wind speed & direction, sunshine hour etc. which will be transmitted telemetrically to State Data Centre. Besides this, there will be Telemetric 27 (twenty seven) Automatic Rain gauges (ARG) and 4Standard Rain gauge (SRG) installed, which will all be integrated, to give accurate rainfall in the state.
  • Surface Water Monitoring: There will be 16 (sixteen) telemetric Automatic Water Level Recorder (AWLR Radar type) measuring discharges of 16 major rivers in the state 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These AWLRs will all be installed on bridges or other appropriate structure, so there will not be any contact with water and thus avoiding the chance of getting washed away by current of water during monsoon. 2(two) Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) and 10 (ten) Flow Trackers will be purchased to give accurate and reliable data of river flow.
  • Ground Water exploration& monitoring: Apart from limited domestic usage, Ground water has not been explored in Mizoram for the purpose of irrigation. This project will facilitate exploration of ground water for irrigation at selected locations.