1.1. Ongoing Major and Medium projects:  

Major and Medium Irrigation Projects (A) having investment clearance of Planning Commission, (B) are in advanced stage of construction and can be completed in the next four financial years can be considered for inclusion. Components of the projects not receiving any other form of financial assistance can also be considered for  inclusion. New project could also be included under AIBP on completion of an ongoing project on one to one basis (hereafter called as 1:1 criteria) EXCEPT FOR projects benefiting (a) drought-prone areas (DPAP areas) & Desert Prone Area(DDP areas); (b) tribal areas*; (c) States with lower irrigation development as compared to national average; and (d) districts identified under the PM’s package for agrarian distress districts (Annexure-I).

All the projects have to fulfill condition as at (A) and (B) above including the projectsproposed by relaxation of 1:1 criteria. 

1.1.1.  The advanced stage of construction would imply that 

•  At least 50% of latest approved estimated project cost already incurred and

•  At least 50% of physical progress of essential works** of the project has taken place; and 

 The proposal of the State for inclusion of project under AIBP must be supported by a credible construction schedule indicating the works already executed and works to be executed along with their costs. 


#    a project which is ongoing but not yet included in AIBP

*    project will be said to be benefitting a tribal area, if the area benefitted is within scheduled area under schedule V of the Constitution of India.

**   Essential works on- head works, earth works for canal, Land Acquisition R&R activities for reservoir area for enabling adequate storage to cover the command area being proposed now, finalization of designs and availability of construction drawings matching with completion of work as per award of work. 

1.1.2   While processing the release proposal for central assistance under AIBP, work component commensurate to work related to land under possession viz-a-viz annual progress of work will be considered.

1.1.3  The construction planning of the projects would be such that the AIBP works for creation of irrigation potential and the Command Area Development (CAD) works for utilization of irrigation potential are taken up simultaneously in case of new projects. However, in case of projects already included in AIBP prior to April 2013 and receiving central assistance:

      i.  If CAD works are already taken up, then construction planning for CAD works to be reviewed and modified by project authorities such that CAD works are completed within six months to one year of the completion of works under AIBP.

       ii.  If CAD works are not started, then, taking up the CAD works with the target to complete parri passu (with a maximum of one year relaxation) so as to complete with the works under AIBP.

1.2. Extension/Renovation and Modernisation Projects (ERM):

   The Major/Medium ERM Projects (a) having investment clearance of Planning Commission (b) Projects already completed and commissioned at least 10 years  earlier from the proposed year of inclusion in AIBP, i.e., for current year projects completed before 2002-03 will qualify for inclusion.

    Inclusion may be permitted in the states/projects:

      (i) Which have agreed to reform in water sector i.e. to implement Micro Irrigation in at least 10% of command area.


       (ii) Which have enacted Participatory Irrigation Management legislation and active working of Water User Association to maintain the system and collecting water cess.


      (iii) Where new potential is also envisaged along with restoration of lost potential.


      (iv)   CAD works have been completed or taken up and likely to be completed.


All the ERM projects have to fulfill condition as at (a) and (b) above at the time of inclusion in AIBP.

Apart from the above, for inclusion of an ERM project in AIBP, the criteria of advanced stage of construction as at 1.1.1 above should also be satisfied. The stipulation given at para 1.1.3 above regarding CAD will also to be followed by ERM projects.

1.3.  Surface minor irrigation (MI) schemes Surface minor irrigation (MI) schemes (both new as well as ongoing) of  Special category states -North-Eastern states, Hilly states (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand) and drought prone undivided Koraput, Bolangir and Kalahandi (KBK) districts of Odisha which are approved by State TAC will be eligible for assistance under the programme provided that (i) individual schemes  have Culturable Command Area (CCA) of 10 hectare and cluster of MI schemes within radius of 5 Km having CCA of 20 hectare  (ii) proposed MI schemes have benefit cost ratio of more than 1 and (iii) the development cost  per hectare of CCA of individual  scheme is less than Rs.2.5 lakh. 

For Non-special category states, the individual surface minor irrigation schemes having CCA of  20 hectare and cluster of MI schemes within radius of 5 km. having total CCA of 50 hectare  benefitting tribal areas, drought prone areas, desert prone areas and Left Wing Extremists Affected area will be eligible for assistance under AIBP.