Brief History:

Hydrology Project I (HP I) was introduced by the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India during 1996-2003 to develop Hydrological Information System (HIS) for collecting hydrological, meteorological and water quality data. 9 peninsular states and 6 Central Agencies implemented the scheme during which 3 soft-wares, one each for Surface Water, Ground Water and water quality were developed.

To extend and promote the use of Hydrological Information System (HIS) developed under HP I by all potential users concerned with water resources Planning and Management, both in public and private,Hydrology Project II was again implemented during 2006 - 2014. There were four new states and two new Central Agencies bringing the total involved to 13 states and 8 Central agencies. Both these Hydrology projects were implemented with the help of World Bank (IBRD Loan).