Although Irrigation & Water Resources Department is a young Department, getting bifurcated on Dt.30th May 2007, it has been carrying out construction of Minor Irrigation Projects for the last 30 years or so, covering about 18,228 .00 ha. out of the available WRC area of 74,644 ha, by constructing 439 Minor Irrigtion Projects in the State. Considering all the available potential area for both Agricultural purpose (74,644 ha) and Horticultural purpose ( 11,56,204 ha), Mizoram State has potential area of 12,30,848.00 ha. it can be said that the Department still has a mountainous task of bridging the gap between available potential area and net irrigated area. Recently the Department started Flood Management Programme in the State, Kawlailung Anti-Erosion Scheme, Phura, Saiha district being the pilot project. The response from the farmers and villagers is very positive and now 4 (Four projects of FMP, with total amount of Rs. 45.44 crore has been cleared by the State Technical Advisory Board (STAC) which will protect aricultural land as well as villages from the fury of flood.