4. State Governments will be required to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the MoWR for each project in the prescribed format as shown in the Annex-IV with following conditions:

i.  Cost of works and establishment is to be given separately. ProgramSchedule in MoU is to be strictly followed. Figures in MoU must match with that in approval letter and given in inclusion order. Facts mentioned in MoU are to be strictly followed.

ii.  No cost overrun will be allowed without the appraisal and approval of competent authority.

5.  Inclusion of Panchayat Representative in WUAs/District Level Implementation Monitoring Committee/State Level Monitoring Committee shall be considered by the State Government for prioritizing the CAD works, management, operation and maintenance of the projects after handing over. 

Each CAD Authority is to ensure that in each project, 3 WUAs in head, middle and tail reach are formed and developed like a model to be replicated by others.

6.   The guidelines for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) on the components of reclamation of waterlogged areas, correction of system deficiencies, adaptive trial for inclusion will remain unchanged as alreadycirculated.  Technical details on various activities to be undertaken underCAD&WM Programme, including guidelines on development of micro-irrigation, land leveling, one time infrastructure grant to WUAs and  one time financial assistance to WALMIs/IMTIs

6.1  A quarterly progress report (QPR) of each project will be submitted both in hard copy and through internet as per online web based monitoring system of CAD&WM Programme. QPRs are to be submitted in the Month of April, July, October and January. The target and achievement shown in QPR’s should match with the target and achievement in the proposals submitted for central assistance.