The inclusion criteria will be as under:

a)  New Project proposals received in the Ministry of Water Resources after technical examination by the Regional offices of CWC are to be considered in the Ministry and will be included with approval of the Secretary (WR).

b)  Any new project having investment clearance by the Planning Commission on CAD&WM component of the project and having provision in the State Budget will  be eligible for inclusion under the Programme. However, selection of projects from the bunch of projects received from the States will be carried out subject to availability of funds under the scheme. However, projects receiving central assistance under CAD&WM programme will not  be allowed to be discontinued abruptly without its completion /proper justification.

c)  The projects with micro-irrigation, water audit, volumetric water distribution would get preference amongst the eligible projects while consideration of inclusion.

d)  A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has to be signed by the States to receive the central assistance as per the XII Five Year Plan.