5.1    Integrated  Flood Management  Approach-  Under  the  scheme,  central  assistance  to  the  States would be provided  for  taking up  flood management works  in an  integrated manner covering entire river  /  tributary  or  a major  segment.  In  case of  emergent  situation  arising due  to  high  floods,  the works in critical reaches would be taken up immediately after flood season.


5.2  Funding Pattern for Ongoing Projects – The funding pattern for ongoing projects approved during XI Plan would remain the same as approved in XI Plan i.e. 75(Centre): 25(State) for General/  Non-Special Category States and 90(Centre): 10(State) for Special Category States. 


5.3  Funding Pattern for New Projects 

5.3.1  The  funding  pattern  for  new  projects  where  Investment  Clearance  had  been  accorded  by  the Planning Commission before 30-07-2013, will be as approved during XI Plan for respective category of  States  i.e  75(Centre):  25(State)  for  General/    Non-Special  Category  States  and  90(Centre): 10(State) for Special Category States. 


5.3.2  New Projects of General  /Non-Special Category States  - The new projects  / works of General /Non-Special Category States, other than those covered under clause 5.3.1 above, within the scope of Flood Management Programme, costing Rs. 40 crore and above, having BC Ratio more than 1.0 , shall  be  included  for  funding  under  Flood Management Programme  during XII Plan.  The  funding pattern for such projects / works of Non-Special Category States will be 50 ( Central ) : 50 ( State).


5.3.3  New Projects of Special Category States - The new projects / works of Special Category States, other  than  those  covered  under  clause  5.3.1  above,  within  the  scope  of  Flood  Management Programme, costing Rs. 10.0 crore and above,  having BC Ratio more than 1.0, shall be included for funding under Flood Management Programme during XII Plan. The funding pattern for such projects / works of Special Category States will be  70 ( Central ) : 30 (State).

(The  Special  Category  States  cover  the  North  Eastern  States,  Sikkim,  Himachal  Pradesh,

Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand.)


5.4    Projects for restoration of earlier damaged flood management works – The Central Assistance to all  the States would also be provided  for  restoration of damaged  flood management works and funding  pattern  for  such  works  will  be  as  applicable  to  respective  category  of  State.  Central Assistance will  not  be  provided  for  regular maintenance  of  flood management works  but  only  for restoration of  flood management works damaged under  force majeure  like conditions.  It would be ensured that such works are not covered under CRF(SDRF)/ NCCF(NDRF). 


5.5    Projects for Catchment Area Treatment– The projects for catchment area treatment, as stipulated in  the  scope  of  the  Flood  Management  Programme,  shall  be  included  for  funding  under  Flood Management Programme during XII Plan. The funding pattern and criteria for such works shall be as applicable  to  respective category of States and  convergence with similar programmes undertaken under  National  Mission  for  Green  India  and  programmes  of  watershed  management  would  be ensured.   


5.6    The  State Governments  shall  ensure  inclusion  of  the  scheme  in  the  State  Plan  and make requisite budget provision towards Central as well as State share on annual basis.


5.7    The  State  Governments  which  adopt  Flood  Plain  Zoning  Bill  (circulated  by  Central Water Commission in 2009), would be given priority over the other States.


5.8   While submitting a new proposal,  the State Governments shall ensure acquisition of  land  required under  the  scheme  and  would  submit  a  certificate  to  this  effect,  failing  which  no  funds  would  be released  to  the  State  Governments.  For  land  acquisition,  requisite  funds  would  be  provided/ arranged  by  the  concerned  State  Governments  from  their  own  resources.  However,  the  amount spent on land acquisition would be considered as a part of State’s share towards the overall cost of the project and accounted for subsequent releases of central assistance.


5.9   While submitting a new proposal, the State Government would specify the time frame for completion of  the  project  and  funds  required  on  annual  basis;  which  shall  be  adhered  to,  by  implementing agencies.  A  detailed  statement  in  Proforma-FMP-1  (enclosed  )  would  be  furnished  by  the  State Governments with the proposal for central assistance. 


5.10    The State Governments shall ensure that the State has not received any financial assistance for the proposed work/ scheme in the past, either from the central government or any other funding agency and would submit a certificate to this effect while sending proposals under FMP.  However, financial assistance mentioned under this para, shall  exclude the cases where repayable loan on commercial  terms  is arranged by a State  from any agency  to meet  its State Share and  to complete the work due to urgency.


5.11    As  the  flood management works of  critical nature, are expected  to be completed  in a  time bound manner, no cost escalation shall be allowed  for any work/ scheme once  it  is approved under FMP. The approved cost of the scheme mentioned in the Investment Clearance by Planning Commission and approved by  the  IMC-FMP shall be  treated as  firm &  final  for  the purpose of central share.  If there is any cost escalation, it would be borne by the state Government from its own resources.


In  cases  where  project  completion  is  delayed  due  to  force  majeure,  extension  may  be

considered by  IMC-FMP on merits on  the basis of  justification by State, views of appraisal

agency  and  revised  investment  approval  by  Planning  Commission.  In  deserving  cases,

upward  revision of cost by not more  than 15% of cost of works earlier approved  /accepted

during appraisal may be approved by IMC-FMP.  


5.12  If the project  is delayed beyond the target date  inclusive of the extension granted on merits of  the  case  by  IMC-FMP,  no  further  central  assistance  would  be  released  and  the  States would bear the remaining cost of the project.


5.13  The State Governments  shall  ensure  that  the  works  are  executed  in  a well  planned manner  and completed  within  the  scheduled  completion  period.  The  progress  shall  be  monitored  through CPM/PERT Charts; which shall be  submitted within  three months of  release of  first  installment of central assistance