3.1  The  scheme  “Flood Management Programme” would be  implemented generally by Flood Control/ Water Resources  /  Irrigation  / Public Works Departments of  the State Governments.  In exceptional and  emergent  cases,  the  works  could  be  entrusted  to  the  central  government  organizations  / undertakings, with the approval of Union Minister for Water Resources.


3.2  Managerial  Inputs  towards  financial  management,  quality  control,  physical  progress,  timely completion  of  the works,  etc.  shall  be  the  responsibility  of  the  State Governments/  Implementing Agencies.


3.3  CWC/GFCC/Brahmaputra  Board  shall  constitute  Standing  Committees  having  representatives  of State  Governments  and  NGOs  in  the  area  for  joint  inspection  of  arrangements  made  by  the concerned State Government for maintenance of critical / major flood protection works in respective jurisdictions. The damaged flood management works in respect of which the State Government has sought  central  assistance  under  Flood  Management  Programme  may  also  be  inspected  by  the above Standing Committee.