8.1    Monitoring  of  the  schemes  under  the  Flood Management  Programme,  will  be  carried  out  by  the Central Water  Commission  (CWC), Ganga  Flood  Control  Commission  (GFCC)  and  Brahmaputra Board (BB) in their respective jurisdiction.


8.2    The above central organizations would play an active role at  formulation stage of  the proposals for flood  management  works  by  the  state  governments  in  their  respective  jurisdiction  and  provide necessary guidance in preparation/ submission of the proposals in time for appraisal and release of central assistance. 


8.3    The  monitoring  teams  (of  CWC/  GFCC/  Brahmaputra  Board)  would  monitor  the  physical  and financial progress of the schemes. They would conduct sample checks on the quality of construction materials  like  bricks,  stones,  geo-textiles,  compaction  of  soil  etc  and  quality  of  works  in  general

during  the  field  visits. The samples  taken/ witnessed at  site by  the  teams would be got  tested  for quality checks and results thereof would be reflected in the monitoring reports.


8.4    Release of central assistance would be  recommended by  the Ministry of Water Resources, GOI  to  the Ministry of Finance based on  the  recommendations of CWC/GFCC/Brahmaputra Board submitted in the prescribed format viz. FMP-4.