5.1. The Major/Medium projects are to be monitored as per following procedure:

5.1.1  By State Governments :  

The quarterly monitoring report on Physical and financial component wise (including CAD component) progress should reach to Chief Engineer (PMO) and Chief Engineer (CE) of the concerned field office of CWC. At the end of each year and on completion of the project, paper print of Satellite imagery   8 clearly indicating the project components should reach to Chief Engineer (PMO), CWC and to concerned regional CWC Chief Engineer’s office.

Project level and State level Monitoring committee for environment safe guard implementation to be activated immediately for the project under AIBP.

State Governments is to submit a Quality Assurance report certifying that “All mandatory quality checks prescribed for  construction material, construction procedure both in number and frequency has been carried out and all the results are within prescribed limits. The quality of works constructed and under construction is of good quality. Payments to contractors have been released based on Quality work. The mandatory inspections required by supervisory staff of all quality control labs is being carried out.”

For monitoring of the distribution network related works, a list of all the major structures, outlets to be covered in the year concerned and rail/ road crossings/ utility crossings should be defined as targets and monitored for their achievement.

5.1.2 At central Level

All major and medium projects where funds have been released in the previous year are to be monitored once in a year by concerned field office of CWC. The CWC (HQ) will monitor inter-state projects.   

A checklist for status of outlets after each visit will be required to be attached with the monitoring report. CWC may check at least 10% of the total outlets completed. Targets of monitoring by field offices of CWC will be fixed with the approval of MoWR.

5.2  The surface Minor irrigation projects are to be monitored as per following procedure:

5.2.1  Monitoring of the minor irrigation schemes has to be done by the State Government based on Geographic Information System (GIS) maps and each Minor Irrigation Schemes to be given a unique Identification Code (U.I.C) Monitoring will be done through agencies independent of construction agencies.  

5.2.2  These schemes would also be monitored periodically on sample basis (at least 5% of MI Schemes) by the concerned regional Offices of Central Water Commission and will be assessed against predetermined targets set by the Ministry of Water Resources.

5.2.3  Evaluation will be carried out for completed MI schemes by the State Government through independent agency.

5.2.4  Monitoring of CAD works will be carried out by monitoring visit of CAD group of MoWR at least once a year wherever CADWM funding is going on.