1.1 Devastation by floods is a recurrent annual phenomenon in India. Almost every year, some or the other part of the country is affected by floods. Floods cause enormous damage to life, public property and disruptions to infrastructure besides psychological and emotional instability amongst the people.

1.2 Many areas of the country are very vulnerable to floods and there is a great risk of damage to national assets like highways, roads, railway tracks, etc. apart from damages to life and property. These aspects will be given due consideration and addressed appropriately while considering the proposals for central assistance to the state governments.

1.3 During X Plan, following four schemes were sanctioned to provide central assistance to the flood prone states to take up flood control and river management works in critical areas:

(a) Critical Anti-erosion works in Ganga Basin States (a Centrally Sponsored Scheme),

(b) Critical Flood Control and Anti Erosion Schemes in Brahmaputra and Barak Valley States (a State Sector Scheme),

(c) Improvement of Drainage in critical areas in the country (a State Sector Scheme) and

(d) Critical Anti-erosion Works in Coastal and other than Ganga Basin States (a State Sector Scheme).

1.4 During XI Plan, the above four schemes operated during X Plan were merged together and a restructured scheme, namely, “Flood Management Programme” under State Sector in Central Plan was approved ‘in-principle’ by the Cabinet in its meeting held on 02-11-2007. Based on the approval of the cabinet, the sanction of the Flood Management Programme during XI Plan was conveyed vide MoWR Order No. 5/3/2012-Ganga/P-III/3868-3928 dated 31st October, 2013 ( Appendix-1)

During XI Plan, the central assistance was provided to the State Governments for undertaking critical works related to river management, flood control, anti-erosion, drainage development, anti-sea erosion, flood proofing, flood prone area development programme in critical regions, restoration of damaged flood control/ management works and anti-sea erosion works.

1.5 Funding pattern during XI Plan was 75(Centre): 25(State) for General/Non-Special Category States and 90(Centre): 10(State) for Special Category States.

1.6 The Special Category States cover the North Eastern States, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand.

1.7 The Ministry of Water Resources issued first set of guidelines on Flood Management Programme during XI Plan in December, 2007 and revised guidelines on FMP during XI Plan were issued with the approval of Secretary(WR) in August, 2009.

1.8 In view of the demand by States for completion of ongoing and new critical works of flood management, the XII Plan Working Group on ‘Flood Management and Region Specific Issues’ set up by the Planning Commission recommended continuation of Flood Management Progamme during XII Plan. Accordingly, the Ministry of Water Resources, in wider consultations with the States, Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, NDMA, M/o Environment & Forest and M/o Rural Development, formulated the proposal for continuation of Flood Management Programme during XII Plan with outlay of Rs. 10,000 crore.

1.9 The scheme of Flood Management Programme during XII Plan was appraised by Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) headed by Secretary (Exp.), Ministry of Finance in its meeting held on 08-03-2013 and it recommended continuation of Flood Management Programme during XII Plan with an outlay of Rs. 10,000 crore for approval of the Cabinet.

1.10 The Committee of Secretaries also recommended continuation of Flood Management Programme during XII Plan with outlay of Rs. 10,000 crore in the meeting held on 30-07-2013.

1.11 The Cabinet in its meeting held on 17-10-2013 accorded approval to the continuation of Flood Management Programme for providing central assistance to the extent of Rs. 10,000 crore to the State Governments during XII Plan.

1.12 In view of many changes in scope, eligibility criteria, funding pattern and procedure for approval and release of funds during XII Plan, the earlier guidelines are modified and the present guidelines for Flood Management during XII Plan are circulated for reference.