4.1  The  general  procedure(s)  of  techno-economic  appraisal  as  laid  down  in  Planning  Commission communication No. 16(12)/12003-WR dated 29.06.2012 or amendments thereto   from time to time, shall be followed for submission and appraisal of all projects to be funded under Flood Management Programme.   


4.2  The  proposals,  which  are  appraised  by GFCC  and CWC  and  secured  all mandatory  clearances including  clearance  from  State  TAC  ,    State  Flood  Control  Boards     (  or  alternative  competent mechanisms put in place for the purpose by those States where TAC / Flood Control Boards do not exist), Forest Clearance,  techno-economic viability acceptance of CWC/GFCC/Advisory Committee of MOWR  (as  applicable),  investment  clearance  from Planning Commission  and are  compliant  to theses  guidelines  would  be  considered,  prioritised  and  finalized  for  inclusion  under  Flood Management Programme by an Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) headed by the Secretary (WR). A copy  of  the  constitution  (  OM  No  5/3/2012-Ganga/3929-3946  dated  31.10.2013)  of  IMC-FMP  is given at Appendix-2).